We are obviously under construction and have decided to leave everything up as we make changes. We will work as quickly as we can to get everything complete.  If you need something urgently it’s probably best to his us on one of the social media channels.

aBIZinaBOX is the process of making strategic changes in its business model.

aBIZinaBOX isn’t a clone of every other CPA firm or technology firm in the SMB space. Most firms seem to scramble to grab any business they can. We don’t, the world we live and work in is specialized.

aBIZinaBOX Industry Verticals

We work with clients in four industries, which happen to be where our experience is:

  • Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Cash flow Based Project Finance and Financial
  • Investors  “we love waterfalls”
  • Real Estate and Construction  development, operation, disposition and financing
  • Tech Startups  computer, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and cannabis
  • Distressed Investments in Debt and Property
  • Professional Services  Attorneys, Consultants, Marketing & PR, and Designers of Anything 
aBIZinaBOX Technical Expertise – Deep Expertise and Experience
  • Taxation of pass thru entities [Partnerships, LLC’s and S Corporations
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Private Equity and Hedge Funds
  • Specialized IRS Representation – Bankruptcy, FOIA, FBAR
  • We have a national reputation  recognized by our peers.
    • AICPA Tax Committee Appointed Member
    • Conference Involvement
    • Thought Leadership in the Interface with Technology

Best of Breed Technology – We Use It, Architect It and Deploy It for Our Clients

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Current Views From Inside The Box

Recent Blog Posts

We gave a group of our clients performance and satisfaction surveys to complete. If you haven’t done it with your practice you should it truly is an eye-opening experience. I am probably going against my better judgement, but I am going to post one of the surveys…as much as I am not pleased with parts…

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The Lifestyle Firm is about being able to work hard if you want to, do complex tax work if you want to, run your firm virtually if you want to, or work less if you want to. The Lifestyle Firm is about having control. That’s what we want – control over our destiny while still…

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Thrieval CPA’s – ” We Are Better, Smarter, And Have Greater Value Than Those “Other CPA’s] – aBIZinaBOX Calls BULLSHIT

I just finished reading through the “Manifesto” from the Thrieval Network of CPA’s – rather than yammer for three paragraphs…this is from there “Academy” it speaks for itself. The purpose of the Thriveal Academy is to foster meaningful and enjoyable education for the profession of public accounting. CPE doesn’t have to suck, and we want…

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What Our Customers Think

We would have never predicted this result when we started our experiment, but the results are consistent from two fifty person double-blind independent experiments. aBIZinaBOX clients are view access to their tax advisor on their mobile device as more important than a ready supply of TP for their bungholes. As one put it..”If you have a critical need for your tax guy, there is no substitute and aBIZinaBOX is that good. In a pinch if you run out of TP there are plenty of alternatives…leaves, a sock or newspaper“. Thanks but, some of that truly is TMI. Anyway, we thought you would appreciate seeing the bungholes of some of our more celebrity clients.  a sampling of the famous participants in our survey. So here goes…


There you have it, in color proof that aBIZinaBOX is more important than TP for your bunghole.


All agree that aBIZinaBOX is as important for your Xero Accounting, Cloud Integration and Tax Matters as TP is for your BUNGHOLE!!


I am the Great Cornholio and there are two thing I need TP for my BUNGHOLE and a CPA for my TAXES
I am the Great Cornholio and there are two thing I need TP for my BUNGHOLE and a CPA for my TAXES

Let’s all try to keep a couple of things very clear….I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO…AND YES I DO NEED TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE!

Once we know that my bunghole is taken care of, then I try to make sure that my taxes are in good order. I run a business and that means that the rules related to maintaining books and records apply to all business taxpayers including the Great Cornholio. 

IRC Sec. 6001 states

“Every person liable for any tax imposed by this title, or for the collection thereof, shall keep such records, render such statements, make such returns, and comply with such rules and regulations as the Secretary may from time to time prescribe. Whenever in the judgment of the Secretary it is necessary, he may require any person, by notice served upon such person or by regulations, to make such returns, render such statements, or keep such records, as the Secretary deems sufficient to show whether or not such person is liable for tax under this title.”

The regulations state § 1.6001-1 Records.

(a) In general. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, any person subject to tax under subtitle A of the Code (including a qualified State individual income tax which is treated pursuant to section 6361(a) as if it were imposed by chapter 1 of subtitle A), or any person required to file a return of information with respect to income, shall keep such permanent books of account or records, including inventories, as are sufficient to establish the amount of gross income, deductions, credits, or other matters required to be shown by such person in any return of such tax or information.”
That means a general ledger which means accounting records which is why the Great Cornholio says using a CPA as you primary tax advisor is just agrey-cpa-logo
as important as TP for your BUNGHOLE.  If there ever was a BUNGHOLE CPA it would be Jordan S. Zoot CPA of aBIZinaBOX.
There you have it an unequivocal endorsement of Jordan S. Zoot CPA, and aBIZinaBOX they help you deal with taxes, the same way TP helps you deal with your bunghole…and we all know how much an irritated bunghole can have on your life.

He is scary smart….like the .001% brilliant…mad scientist brilliant. He is usually three steps ahead of everyone else in the room having figured out the business process, he will usually say something that telegraphs he understands, but will ask a smart ass question just to test whomever created the idea. He processes tax strategies out faster than I can blink my eyes, and I swear he has the damn Code memorized.  His tenacity is boundless…like a Jack Russell on crack.

WARNING LABEL – for all of the good attributes be warned. ……he has the attention span of a small sea animal, the spirituality of a cobra, and the gravitas of a belt sander. I may help to bring a crowbar with you, that way you can wrap him on the side of the head if you need to get his attention.

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