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Welcome to aBIZinaBOX’s New Site

We are obviously under construction and have decided to leave everything up ass we make changes. We will work as quickly as we can to get everything complete.  If you need something urgently it’s probably best to his us on one of the social media channels.

aBIZinaBOX is the process of making strategic changes in its business model.

aBIZinaBOX isn’t a clone of every other CPA firm or technology firm in the SMB space. Most firms seem to scramble to grab any business they can. We don’t, the world we live and work in is specialized.

aBIZinaBOX Industry Verticals

We work with clients in four industries, which happen to be where our experience is:

  • Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Cash flow Based Project Finance and Financial
  • Investors  “we love waterfalls”
  • Real Estate and Construction  development, operation, disposition and financing
  • Tech Startups  computer, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and cannabis
  • Distressed Investments in Debt and Property
  • Professional Services  Attorneys, Consultants, Marketing & PR, and Designers of Anything 
We have deep technical expertise in specific areas
aBIZinaBOX Technical Expertise
  • Taxation of pass thru entities [Partnerships, LLC’s and S Corporations
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Private Equity and Hedge Funds
  • IRS Representation  Examination, Appeals, Collection and Bankruptcy
  • We have a national reputation  recognized by our peers.
    • AICPA Tax Committee Appointed Member
    • Conference Involvement
    • Thought Leadership in the Interface with Technology

Best of Breed Technology

We live and work in the same places you do, so you can reach us in the same places,

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Speaking of the check out what aBIZinaBOX on LinkedIn is up to.

If you come back you will certainly not the changes….pardon the dust.


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