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aBIZinaBOX Inc. has one over-arching constant and that would be CHANGE…lots of change. The world around us adapts, our clients evolve, and we try to stay ahead of all of it. We have so significant announcements to share with everyone.

  • Our Oakland Office is growing explosively, our California Cannabis Group is located there, and they now have their own website aBIZinaBOXcannabis.com. Our eCommerce service store, and Client Support Portal have also been moved to that site. The Oakland site supports core accounting, tax, basic tech and cannabis services. We will be announcing a new Managing Director -COO in the Spring that will be heading up the Oakland practice.
  • Our New York Office has acquired a very substantial new real estate industry client and will be expanding. Samuel E. Levinson, CPA will be the lead on that client, and the office will be launching its own website at aBIZinaBOX.accountants Keep your eyes open for future developments.
  • Finally, we are disappointed that Diana Halenz, CPA has left us, though we hope to continue our relationship on an engagement specific basis. She has joined Why Blu as a Partner. We wish her much luck and success with her new firm.


“He is scary smart like the 001% brilliant mad scientist brilliant. He is usually three steps ahead of everyone else in the room having figured out the business process, he will usually say something that telegraphs he understands but will ask a question just to test whoever created the idea. He processes tax strategies out faster than I can blink my eyes, and I swear he has the damn Code memorized.  His tenacity is boundless like a Jack Russell on crack. Warning Label – for all the good attributes be warned he has the attention span of a small  sea animal, the spirituality of a cobra, and the gravitas of a belt sander.” 

Samuel E. Levinson, CPA is the Managing Director of our New York practice.


aBIZinaBOX Inc
aBIZinaBOX Inc.

This is our headquarters located in Evanston, IL [Chicago].

Our practice is focused on six distinct verticals where we have substantial experience and expertise.

  • Private Equity and Alternative Investment Hedge Funds which leverage extensive experience with pass-thru entity [Partnership, LLC, and S-Corporation] taxation.
  • California Cannabis Industry
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Tech Start-Ups
  • Tax Controversy including IRS Office of Professional Responsibility [“OPR”] practitioner representation, collections and bankruptcy tax

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