“America’s Tax Experts” – A Cruel Hoax – Things Need To Change

There is more than one way to skin a cat. I will follow up with a formal letter resigning my Associate Membership in NAEA. I expect some may not be very pleased with the way I say something. However, anyone that knows me can tell you about my commitment to my chosen profession. I see conditions at NAEA that starting to cause it rot from the inside like a cancer. By the time it pokes a hole to the outside its going to be to late. The keys that you won’t survive without are:

  • Accounting, accounting, accounting,
  • Technology Skills
  • Broad Based Business Skills
  • Formal Education – An MST is the Key, Lack of a BS Will Suck You Back Into the RTRP Muck
  • CPA Certificates Are Good
  • IRS Is Fully On Board With The Program – Don’t Listen to Me Look At Their Own Slides
  • Without Augmentation To Your Education IRS Don’t View You As Any More Than a Clerk
  • The deck is a work in progress PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE comment, like us, follow usBizLogo200_3