Facebook Advertising Review Bounces CPA Services

Well…this is insane…Facebook disapproved an ad as promoting illegal activity when we tried to offer CPA professional services to the cannabis industry in California. We attempted to promote this advertisement on Facebook.

Facebook….responded with “Your boosted post “Whoa…the largest…” wasn’t approved.,It didn’t meet this Facebook Advertising Policy: Your ad can’t promote illegal activity, products or services. ou may be able to make changes to get it approved. Here’s a link to view it so you can see more details…

Your ad wasn’t approved because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies. We don’t allow ads that promote illegal drugs. Ads like these are sensitive in nature and are usually contrary of local laws, rules or regulations. Please keep in mind that advocacy or awareness ads are allowed.
If you think your ad follows our Advertising Policies, you can appeal this disapproval.

This is beyond completely absurd, so we lodged an appeal which stated.

“Was this looked at by a human being? Do you understand that we are a firm of Certified Public Accountants that are licensed in the State of California? We are specifically seeking to provide professional services to the LEGAL CANNABIS INDUSTRY in California. There is absolutely nothing illegal about what we are doing, and either this was bounced by an AI BOT, or someone is just STUPID”

Facebook Advertising Review Bounces CPA Services
Facebook Advertising Review Bounces CPA Services

It boggles the mind that Facebook could have perfected “Machine Pseudo-Intelligence” so quickly. It is as if their advertising reviewers got their brains from @fucktrumpor Roy Moore. We surmise that raping children, and promoting slavery are somehow better than providing tax advice to the cannabis industry. Just to add insult to injury, here are a question that appears on Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives [“BATFE”] if one seeks to transfer the ownership of a firearm in the United States.

Facebook Advertising Review Bounces CPA Services
Facebook Advertising Review Bounces CPA Services

Yes, that says that even if you do everything pursuant to your state’s statutes, the Federal government will CONFISCATE any firearms you own if you use cannabis for medical purposes even with a physician’s direction.

Facebook Denies Appeal

Yep..they did it and wrote:

Our reply
“Hi Jordan, <p><i>Here’s what’s preventing your ad from being approved:</i></p><p> Image:We don’t allow ads that promote illegal drugs.</p> <p><i>The reason behind our policies:</i></p><p>We don’t allow the promotion of such products because they’re illegal in many parts of the world. I suggest you have a look at our Advertising Policies for more details.</p> <p><i>What to do next:</i></p><p>Your ad was created through the “Boost Post/Promote” feature. The image, video, text and landing page can’t be edited on a promoted post. For these issues, please create a new ad that follows our policies. The audience targeting, however, can be fixed. In that case, please follow my recommendation above. You can do that through Ads Manager here.You can also check out Facebook Blueprint, which allows you to go through our self-paced e-learning module on Facebook’s Advertising Policies.</p> <p><p><a href=https://www.facebook.com/survey/?oid=388382157932113&cd=%7B%22ad_id%22%3A6087593416915%2C%22support_channel%22%3A%22SRT+Appeals%22%7D>Was this helpful? Let us know.</a></p></p> Thanks, Ashley Facebook Ads Team”

Our response to Facebook

our reply

“Unacceptable…and candidly, we are going to involve counsel, CALCPA, the organization that represents CPA’s in California, and this is headed to court. Do you understand that what we are promoting is services to be provided by us as licensed certified public accountants in the State of California for services that are legal to provide in the State of California? Neither our business nor the services we provide have anything to do with anything that is even remotely illegal? Do you actually understand the issue here, or are you a complete idiot. Do we really need to GO TO WAR over this? 

We are fully prepared to fight this, and have already started…this is going to be picked up by the national press this coming week…perhaps this will make it a bit clearer. https://abizinabox.com/2017/12/09/facebook-advertising-review-bounces-cpa-services/

It is beyond unacceptable and unreasonable to have professional services singled out…would you deny legal services to someone that had been charged with a crime? If Facebook wants this fight…we are more than willing to bring it. You have no problem letting Russians use your platform to interfere with our Democracy, yet go Gestapo on a legit professional…beyond mental midget.”