Careers – Learning, Experience, Mentoring

Careers – Learning, Experience, Mentoring

Careers – Learning, Experience, Mentoring are all intertwined. High-end finance and consulting skill sets have historically been limited to the select few large organizations that can afford the high cost of engaging an expensive firm or hiring a professional on a full-time basis. The rest of the world, including boutique investment firms, consulting firms, and small businesses, has limited access to these skill sets. At the same time, investment bankers, management consultants, and investment professionals are seeking new ways to utilize their skills and expand their networks, while gaining control over their personal and professional lives

Your development is at the heart of our culture, but it centers on giving you the tools to progress in the direction you desire. We believe you’ll do the best work you can when you have the freedom to map your own career path. And ultimately that means our clients will benefit too.

We can offer much more than just technical training. There’s the support you receive in developing business relationship skills. Working in high-performing teams, for instance, and collaborating with colleagues.

Aside from business skills, you’ll learn much about building relationships and leading people too — and those abilities are every bit as important for your career. We have a reputation for creating outstanding leaders, who have the knowledge and ethical framework to deliver exceptional results.

We know that the most enriching and career-enhancing experiences are gained on the job, and we recognize this as a formal part of our career development framework.With that in mind, we plan assignments in ways that not only give our clients high-quality service but also to give you the best opportunities and environment for your career development.

Coaching provides open, honest conversations between people at all levels throughout our organization. This ranges from daily informal on-the-job discussions, through project feedback and periodic formal performance reviews. You’ll progress fast here because we provide our people with the highest quality feedback and support. We have increased our investment in formal coaching and we also assign Managing Directors to create programs and give feedback to leadership.