Special High Intensity Training = SHIT

Special High-Intensity Training = SHIT

Special High-Intensity Training = SHIT  Some of the folks are going read this are old, crusty curmudgeons…CPA that hat grow bitter because of could have would have or should have. There is no one that is going to accuse me of being politically correct. The reason that after 34 years of 75+ hour weeks that makes it all worth it is the amazingly talented staff that make the decision to join aBIZinaBOX as an alternative to a Big 4, a first tier management consulting firm, or the analyst program at a major investment bank.

When they first interview with the get to immediately see how we are so different from every other firm.

  • At their initial interview, they are challenged to see how they do under pressure by getting to demonstrate how to operate an old school slide rule that got sent to them the Friday before their Monday interview with an instruction manual and a list of tasks to demonstrate. If you think it’s a game, try it. 
  • We offer the intensity of what I got when I joined Arthur Andersen…CPA mixed with the US Marine Corps. 
  • Our motto is “The beatings will continue until morale improves” which is part of our expectation of 60-70 hour work weeks year round. 
  • I have a quote from a client CSAT that says: “Caution – He has the attention span of a small sea animal, the spirituality of a cobra, and the gravitas of a belt sander”. It the most accurate description of me that I have ever read. 
  • Our secret is based on the principle that the key to professional development is starting with incredibly bright and talented young professionals providing them with an opportunity to initially observe, then contribute to, and finally led direct interactions, be it meetings, calls or collecting receivables from client…FROM THE DAY THEY JOIN US. 
  • Almost twenty years of this program conclusively demonstrates that one year with us provides 2.6-2.7 years of experience relative to what they acquire with a Big 4 in a New York, Chicago or San Francisco transactional practice environment. 
  • We have a name for that program….it is Special High-Intensity Training….or SHIT. I stress to our people who when they explain the program to their peers or our clients we PROUDLY refer to it a SHIT not some politically correct gibberish name. 
  • The proudest moments for me are when our people. PARTICULARLY some of the women report back about how stunned they were at being able to succeed in situations that should have overwhelmed them. I always say…”remember how I gave you SHIT….give it right back to them”
  • We have a supply of extra T-shirts and they are available for purchase for $50/each with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Heart Association, and the Cardiology Dept. at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago in honor of the anniversary of my surgery on Nov. 10, 2015.

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