Engagement, Support, Knowledge, Service

Engagement, Support, Knowledge, Service
Engagement, Support, Knowledge, Service

aBIZinaBOX – provides Engagement, Support, Knowledge, Service – the cornerstone principles that permit us to serve the needs of our clients

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Engagement is the interface between a professional CPA firm and its stakeholders – partners, employees, clients, vendors, business partners, colleagues, and the profession.


Support is the ability to meet, address, and solve client needs, and problems at any time, on any device, and through any channel.


Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning


Service is the delivery of our skills, expertise, knowledge, support and experience in addressing the needs and requirements of our clients.

We are not “bean counters” or MSP Geeks, we are professional services firm in the one firm in the tradition of Arthur Andersen where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

We have reproduced our suggested approach for getting the best possible support from us.

  • Check the FAQ’s – there are times that your question is one that gets asked all the time. Where we can identify those questions, we will try to post an FAQ which addresses it in clear language that will permit you to get a solution without having to incur professional fees. [In many cases, our FAQ’s are public and available to non-clients as well.


  • Where you are a paying client of this firm, please be sure to mark the box on the forms, as you question follows a different workflow. If you aren’t a client, we may request that you buy a one time token if the question requires professional time be spent on research to provide an answer.


  • If you haven’t signed an Engagement Letter with our firm, you are NOT a client and any response we post to your question may NOT be considered as provision of professional advice.


  • The comprehensive history of tickets submitted to the Client Support Portal is available for reference and review.


  • When you “write-up” a question, please do your best to write in clear, full sentences with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling [if something is great, DON’T use gr8, as it is both more difficult to search and somewhat ignorant]. Where possible, please submit sensitive and personal financial information in a second or later post in the thread that develops in response to your question, as that helps us “prune” or redact a question and convert it to an FAQ which allows us to increase the efficiency of our work.


  • Thanks again we appreciate your business and hope this is helpful. Enjoy the day and don’t be a stranger.