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The rapidly changing digital marketplace is placing new demands on systems and processes. Many professional service firms are taking a top-to-bottom look at the infrastructure that supports both new and old business models. Many are finding that their organizations, processes, and tools are not up to the task of supporting the new digital business models.

We help our clients:

Professional Services
Professional Services
  • Develop processes and organizational infrastructure with the necessary flexibility to keep pace with the speed of digital innovation.
  • Reevaluate and improve systems, processes, and policies across both traditional and digital platforms.
  • Build IP management systems that encompass the entire life cycle associated with managing contracts, rights use and royalties.
  • Deploy a rights management system that tracks which content can be used when, where and in what formats.
  • Automate rights systems to increase speed to market and decrease risk of contract violations.
  • Focus on digital supply management to ensure that media assets can be easily found and distributed across media platforms.
  • Increase data capture to support new business models and drive decision-making.

Our dedicated tax professionals provide professional firms and their partners with solutions to domestic and global tax issues, advice on international operations and coordinated tax planning for domestic and foreign offices. We offer solutions to partner tax issues, as well as partnership tax issues. Our professionals with cross-border tax experience have the knowledge necessary to address the tax issues facing firms.

Some of the key areas where we assist professional firms to include crisis management, internal audit, compliance, performance improvement as well as:

  • Cost reduction and revenue maximization: Providing services to help firms identify and implement cost reduction and process improvement opportunities
  • Operational reviews: Performing an analysis on the effectiveness and efficiency of the core business operations at firms in terms of quality, control and cost and making appropriate recommendations.
  • Dispute analysis & investigations: Offering financial, economic, and statistical services to firms involved in litigation, arbitration or mediations, and regulatory investigations or other regulatory issues.
  • Advising firms on various aspects of proposed mergers, including structure, tax implications to the firms or their partners, accounting systems, year-ends due diligence and integration
  • Risk management –  Providing an enterprise-wide risk management approach, which addresses operational, market, regulatory, employee/professional, client reputation/brand, IT and financial/accounting risks.




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