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Practice Advice aBIZinaBOX

Practice Advice  aBIZinaBOX

The items which are linked from this page would most likely not exist on the website of a Big 4 firm and that is to be expected. Both Sam and I spent a bunch of years with Big 4 firms, I was a Tax Partner with Arthur Andersen, and Sam was a Tax Partner with Deloitte and an Executive Director with E&Y. The reality of professional practice is such that having proven ourselves with major practices in New York, we both realize that taking yourself too seriously is a real risk. Sometimes you run into a client that is just an “asshole” and you need to tell them so. There is a book for that, entitled “Assholes – A Theory“. I happen to own a copy and have read it.

There is nothing that gets my hackles up more than finding someone that has never run a professional accounitng practice offering the opportunity for us to pay them to tell us how to do it. Thanks but no thanks, so a short list of our own favorite selected wisdom exists below for your reading pleasure.

Whether you need to fix stupid, get some Yiddish wisdom, eat urinal cake or deal with clowns, Practice Advice aBIZinaBOX is the place to do all of it.