Subtlety A Virtue – Not When You Deal With Idiots

Subtlety A Virtue? Not When You Deal With Idiots

Subtlety A Virtue - Not When You Deal With Idiots
Subtlety A Virtue – Not When You Deal With Idiots

Welcome back to uphill grind to the end of the year which some call the “holiday season.” It rather ironic that the “holiday season” begins with a creeping madness known as Black Friday…Cyber Monday…why not be honest and let’s agree to call this time of year “the season of greed, creeping darkness and depravity”…it has a beautiful ring to it. Just sort of my style….always saying what everyone else is thinking but is too polite to express. Perhaps that’s why people are still suggesting I try to be more subtle.

Well, I took the thought to heart and attempted to do just that in responding to the COO of the vendor of some beautiful software.  Two weeks after one of their numbskulls in the Billing Dept. suspended our new account for an expensive Enterprise product where we had signed on for five seats, paid by wire for four, and deployed one. There was a screw up with one of our partners that were supposed to have paid for one seat. What we didn’t realize is the act of suspension broke five integrations including a deep integration with and all of the SAML Federated integrations that took twenty hours my time to set up.

When the billing was finally paid, after ten days in limbo, the product was restored to the “free version.” it only took five messages with increasing staccato tone to resolve the issue. Well….I have their on-boarding CSAT in front of me, and somehow filling in bubbles on the form doesn’t quite get the message across…hence the creation above. Does anyone doubt for two minutes that this won’t be more effective than a subtle message…which will probably be sitting in a stack of 30 other “subtle messages?

Happy Holidays from Scrooge’s Apprentice.

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