Chrome Devices – Chrome Management

Chrome Devices – Chrome Management

Chrome devices for business and education are fast, secure, and cost-effective computers that run Chrome as an operating system. They’re the same as Chrome devices available to consumers, except when you purchase Chrome licenses, you can remotely manage the Chrome devices across your organization. You use the Google Admin console to configure security and device policies.

Use Chrome devices for business and education to:

  • Minimize the need for IT intervention, maintenance, and support.
  • Securely access web-based applications, browser-based applications running behind your firewall, and virtualized apps through technologies such as Citrix.
  • Avoid system crashes, long boot times, application conflicts, software updates, viruses, and security issues that are common in traditional computing environments.
  • Eliminate many administrative tasks, including manual application distribution, patches, and upgrades.

Get started with Chrome devices

Chrome Devices - Chrome Management
Chrome Devices – Chrome Management

Purchase Chrome licenses

The Google Admin console allows you to remotely enforce settings and policies on your users’ Chrome devices.To purchase Chrome licenses, contact the Chrome or Google for Education team. You can also purchase Chrome Enterprise licenses online.

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Enroll Chrome devices

To apply security policies and settings on your users’ Chrome devices, you need to first enroll the devices in your domain. Once enrolled, you can manage the devices using the Admin console.

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Configure policies and security settings

In the Admin console, you can configure policies and security settings for your organization’s Chrome devices, such as WiFi, proxy settings, preinstall apps, and restrict sign-in to the device to certain users. You can configure the 100+ settings by different groups in your organization, such as different settings for teachers and students, or full-time and part-time employees.

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Manage apps and extensions

You can preinstall apps and extensions for your users, control which apps they can access. You can also create a custom Chrome Web Store for your domain and allow your users to publish their own apps to it.

Advanced Chrome setup

Set up advanced Chrome device settings

You can configure Chrome devices to be kiosks and shared devices by setting them to be Chrome Public Session Kiosks or Single App Kiosks. These settings are useful for environments like for student testing, lobby kiosks, or shared computers in a workplace or library. For more information, see Use Chromebooks for Student Assessments and Kiosk Settings.


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