Functional Triangle Workflow

Functional Triangle Workflow

Meet our Functional Triangle Workflow. We have spent quite a bit of time railing about the importance of – between apps and the importance of being fully invested in the training and certification offered by a specific ISV. Those of us that spend substantial time on the tech, accounting, and marketing channels are perhaps overexposed to CRM and VP-Sales. There is a substantial portion of the world that does quite well with neither item. aBIZinaBOX enjoys being in a sweet spot due to the combination of our financial advisory, tax, and technology skills.

We have been in the game long enough, successful with either hat, and are finally starting to reap the benefits of synergy. Permit me to start by repeating that we are:

The infographic at the top illustrates what we call the functional triangle which highlights the interdependency between:

The concept is that the integrations permit a user to reach any corner of the the platform any adjacent corner.

Work[etc] Functions

Xero Centric Workflow
Xero Centric Workflow Centric Workflow Centric Workflow

and pivot to a design firm or any business where content is king and finally there comes a point where the tools of individual productivity suite need augmentation, the world won’t be conquered with Excel spreadsheets.

Google For Work Centric Workflow
Google For Work Centric Workflow

We are sharing this background to create an awareness of the idea that there isn’t a magic moment when a business decides that they need a ticketing system or  CRM. It tends to evolve organically. However, the magic comes from knowing how the pieces fit together, and that is where long-term involvement with the individual platforms, and BEING CERTIFIED to the greatest degree possible so that we can provide a client with maximum leverage from every side. We are talking a lot more about work[etc] over the next couple of months.

We seek the opportunity the share those skills with each of your businesses.

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