Accounting Software – Ecosystems, Add-ons

 Accounting Software – Ecosystems, Add-ons

There are two competitive Accounting Software – Ecosystems, Add-ons platforms we work with – Xero Cloud Accounting and QBOnline Accounting Software. 

Accounting Software - Ecosystems, Add-ons
Accounting Software – Ecosystems, Add-ons

We managed to locate a comparative review that actually made sense [Compare QuickBooks Online vs. Xero

Here is their summary of the comparison:

“Comparing QuickBooks Online and Xero, you can actually see which Accounting & Finance Software product is the better alternative. This means that your organization can select the most productive and useful program. You can study the details, including available tools, pricing, plans offered by each vendor, offer terms, and many more We also let you check their overall scores to know which one seems to be more beneficial for your firm. QuickBooks Online has 9.2 points for overall quality and 94% rating for user satisfaction; while Xero has 9.7 points for overall quality and 97% for user satisfaction. Likewise, you can also assess which software business is more reliable by sending an an email question to both and see which one replies sooner.”

Quickbooks Online vs Xero: A Deep Dive 1


We decided to add a second review of Xero that we thought was insightful for non-accountants entitled:

Xero Review In 2017 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Each of you is welcome to reach your own conclusions. We have a page for each product linked to this one.