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The ease of use and ease of IT management, integrations with your favorite apps or our dedicated customer success teams — find your own reason to choose Box. Enterprise Content Management '"ECM" Enterprise Content Management ‘”ECM”

The rise of mobility, cloud services, and service-oriented platforms have created immense value for IT and end users. But adapting security controls to protect sensitive information in a decentralized architecture has proven difficult. As a result, the modern business is burdened with challenges like insecure devices and file sharing, data sprawl and the persistent risk of human error. Box recentralizes control over content, making files easy to access company-wide, access rights simple to control by IT and providing the highest level of security and governance.

The future of workplace collaboration is all about openness and choice — and that means selecting best-of-breed technologies to fit your unique business needs. But these solutions won’t likely come from the same vendors, At Box, we’re ardent supporters and drivers of openness in the enterprise, and we’re dedicated to providing a connected, unified experience where these best-of-breed apps and services simply work together. That’s why Box integrates with thousands of applications that let you share, edit, manage, analyze and collaborate with all types of data. This makes it easy to create presentations in Office 365, collaborate with your team in Google Docs and share proposals with customers in Salesforce, all from Box. Enterprise Content Management '"ECM" Enterprise Content Management ‘”ECM”

The same openness applies to the apps you build. With Box Platform, our content platform-as-a-service (PaaS), organizations can easily build custom web and mobile apps tailored to their company’s individual requirements — without having to build the underlying infrastructure. Box Platform’s content services are available as building blocks for any application via a secure and reliable application programming interface (API). This means businesses can focus on crafting incredible digital experiences, not building infrastructure from scratch — which gives them the flexibility they need and a way to work that they can make their own.

Your content is important to your success. How you manage and make the most of it in the changing business landscape ahead will be even more so. Too many companies use costly, complex and inflexible systems that fail to make their content accessible across devices and locations. Managing your content in the cloud fosters collaboration, improves security and lowers costs, so your entire organization can work as one. Content is a core element of a digital business. But traditional ECM technology is costly and dated while EFSS is limited in functionality. The result? Too many content repositories, leading to silos and broken communication. Companies need a better way to work!

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